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Protecting Files Against Hotlinking with PHP, Lighttpd, Apache & X-Sendfile

I recently had to lock down some important files that first required some level of authentication. The problem was the only way to guard against hotlinking or direct access to these files was to pipe the data through php after an Auth check. Using fread,... [+]

CakePHP Manual: People with no internet

My net is capped at a lame speed of 6kbs. That’s what happens when you try to enjoy content on the internet and live in Australia. So when i’m trying to get some documentation for my CakePHP project i end up waiting like 5minutes for... [+]

My First Contact With CakePHP

My First Contact With CakePHP

If you have been reading the blog lately you will of noticed that I have changed my development path from Django using Python to CakePHP, tada, using PHP. I spent quite alot of time attempting to elarn both Python and the Django framework together. Much... [+]

CakePHP: Using Apress & Packt

CakePHP: Using Apress & Packt

I love buying books. Taking one look at my bookcase makes this quite obvious. I do have quite a large selection of computer related books. I find that by reading into the subject matter, especially for programming, before acting on ideas or tasks provides a... [+]

Tutorial: How to build a poll system with PHP and mySQL

If you have been doing the other tutorials on this site you will notice that I have been teaching PHP and mySQL through projects. Projects that you can slot into your website, or if you are building a project, code that you can use within... [+]

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