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CakePHP URL Shortener Service Tutorial

If you have just woken up from a 10 year long coma, you might realise that the internet has been dumbed down to 140 characters and services that offer “URL Shortening” are quite widely used. Well today, coma awakened or not, I will be writing... [+]

Mike Davidson - sIFR

Mike Davidson  –  sIFR

How it works sIFR is meant to replace short passages of plain browser text with text rendered in your typeface of choice, regardless of whether or not your users have that font installed on their systems. It accomplishes this by using a combination of javascript,... [+]

Awesome CSS Book: CSS Mastery

Awesome CSS Book: CSS Mastery

  Don’t forget to check out the book errata @ My book had only minimal errors, one or two, alot has been revised!

Tutorial: How to build a poll system with PHP and mySQL

If you have been doing the other tutorials on this site you will notice that I have been teaching PHP and mySQL through projects. Projects that you can slot into your website, or if you are building a project, code that you can use within... [+]