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Auto Upload from GarminConnect to Strava

A while back I posted a tutorial on how to upload directly to Strava from a Garmin. That post is dead, along with Strava’s API access. Instead what I have been left to do is poll the GarminConnect website, determine if there are any new... [+]

Garmin 2 Strava Sync Ruby Script

Garmin 2 Strava Sync Ruby Script

Having had issues with Garmin Communicator in the recent days. Plus being lazy of going to Strava, clicking on all the links, tabs and waiting for uploads. I figure I would make a ruby script that I can easily run when I get to my... [+]

Syncd: Remembering What We Delete On Remotes

A friend of mine doesn’t have internet. Yep, they exist. But they do love movies, music etc. I offered to open up my movies and music to him (legit ones only of course) but ran into an issue quite quickly. The problem with sharing data... [+]