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Garmin 2 Strava Sync Ruby Script

Garmin 2 Strava Sync Ruby Script

Having had issues with Garmin Communicator in the recent days. Plus being lazy of going to Strava, clicking on all the links, tabs and waiting for uploads. I figure I would make a ruby script that I can easily run when I get to my... [+]

iOS Keyboard Style Reference

iOS Keyboard Style Reference

Just a simple small post showcasing the various keyboard formats along with the associated properties. To be used for future reference to easily see the formats: UIKeyboardTypeDefault Use the default keyboard for the current input method. UIKeyboardTypeASCIICapable Use a keyboard that displays standard ASCII characters.... [+]

On My Tv: With

On My Tv: With

By now you’ve probably discovered I’m a big fan of, well scrobbling in general. I wan’t a way to show what I’m watching on my own blog in a way that isn’t the preformatting jpg’s provide (which is pretty cool in it’s own... [+]

Uploading with Rails 3.1,...

Uploading with Rails 3.1, CarrierWave, MediaInfo, Single Table Inheritance and Polymorphism

Starting a new Ruby on Rails project I decided to try out the much talked about CarrierWave gem. It makes uploading easy and keeps uploader config separated from your models. Clean! I decided to write this little tutorial as to how to get CarrierWave working... [+]

DarthFader: A jQuery Carousel Plugin with Force

Working with a fair few jQuery image sliders I started to get frustrated with the quirks and rules of some of them. Requiring a paragraph tag to simply add in a caption, only order lists supported, not my cup of tea. So for a new... [+]

Appcelerator Titanium: Blurry Fonts & iOS

So recently I’ve been working with some iPhone apps for work. After picking up a little bit of objective-c then dropping it for a few months I quickly found myself relearning from the ground up. After reviewing a fair few solutions outside of programming directly... [+]

jQuery – Clear Default Input Values Once

I like to have default values in my text input fields. However it is an annoying user experience to have to manually clear the value out and then enter in the value. Instead I thought I would write a simple script that would work site... [+]

How to use FileMerge with Git as a Diff Tool on OSX

As I’m migrating from Subversion brainwaves I’ve been slowly adapting my workflow into Git’s. Problem was i was finding it hard to double check changes in my working folder to that of what was previously committed. In other words I missed the love of FileMerge.... [+]