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Protecting Files Against Hotlinking with PHP, Lighttpd, Apache & X-Sendfile

I recently had to lock down some important files that first required some level of authentication. The problem was the only way to guard against hotlinking or direct access to these files was to pipe the data through php after an Auth check. Using fread,... [+]

Picking up where strtotime() left off

I was working on a project where dates were being calculated (sort of) based on user input. For example the user was able to type in “Next Saturday” or the “Second Sunday of the Month”. This wouldn’t really be sortable, as strtotime doesn’t exactly allow... [+]

Downgrade PHP 5.3 Port to 5.2.10

It’s pretty simple! Just make sure subversion client is installed and then checkout the php port file with the revision number of 53555 which is the latest for the 5.2.10: Or you can simply use the branch of PHP 5.2 via: Happy porting!

Ultimate Guestbook Tutorial: How to build a Guestbook with a honeypot, error checking, IP banning, pagination, e-mail notification and smilies with PHP and mySQL

In this tutorial i will teach you how to make a guestbook script with PHP and mySQL. Guestbooks are very common today on the internet and are great for getting user feedback or a simple hello from your site fan’s. This tutorial will feature form... [+]

Tutorial: How to build a poll system with PHP and mySQL

If you have been doing the other tutorials on this site you will notice that I have been teaching PHP and mySQL through projects. Projects that you can slot into your website, or if you are building a project, code that you can use within... [+]

HowTo: Get Cookies Across Subdomains PHP

So you are using cookies on your website, but when a visitor visits and the cookie doesn’t get set across both! That is because in essence, www. is simply a subdomain. The “www” component is not a protocol, it is not necessary, instead... [+]

Tutorial: How to make an Image Upload and Thumbnailer Script with cURL

So you have completed the file upload tutorial. The tutorial has taught you how to upload an image using a form, and then it auto makes a thumbnail and shows it to you, nice. Now lets say you are on a public computer, and can’t... [+]

Tutorial: How to make an Image Upload and Thumbnailer Script PHP

In this tutorial we will make a thumbnailing script using PHP. The script will allow your users to upload their images using a html form, and then be shown the thumbnail and a link to the file on completion. Also the user will be able... [+]

Howto: Get Number of Rows

Howto: Get Number of Rows

If you have a MySQL table and you want to know how many records there are in this table you can run a query on the entire table for example: [crayon-59ee5799106ee875032361/] This will show you how many rows were supplied in that query. So if... [+]

Tutorial: Doing basic MySQL database stuff

This tutorial is quite easy. If you want to connect to a mysql database you can use something like this: [crayon-59ee57991241f705392686/] So this code basically connects to the database and says hi! More to come on DB Functions 😉