About Me

Hey! My name is Richard. I’m from Brisbane Australia. A very hot and humid place, but very awesome at the same time. I am a web developer/non stop e-business thinker! At the moment i am trying my hand at getting a few web projects up and online. However i am available for full-time permanent employment. My skills include:

  • Extensive experience in Model-View-Controller frameworks: 3 years experience with the MVC framework CakePHP with an understanding of neighbouring frameworks Ruby on Rails and Django.
  • 6 years experience in PHP and object-oriented programming practices
  • 4 years experience in MySQL and database normalisation primarily in MyISAM and an understanding of the InnoDB storage engine.
  • 7 years experience in HTML and CSS and their best practices and browser quirks.
  • 2 years experience with AJAX technologies, utilising the Javascript framework Prototype & CakePHP.
  • Understanding of source code revision control systems, primarily GIT and GitHub.
  • 2 years experience with PayPal and the IPN API.
  • 2 years experience with Apache2 web-server technology and 6 months Lighttpd with SSL.
  • 3 years experience in Ubuntu server administration and building web-server stacks optimized for low memory usage.
  • 5 years experience in domain name systems.
  • 3 years experience with Adobe Flash and Flash based uploading technologies.
  • 8 years experience with Adobe Photoshop and optimization of web graphics.
  • Understanding of Postfix, IPTables, ClamAV, PHPMyAdmin, Mac OS, networking principles, load balancing models and API transactions.

If you would like to see some of my sites please check out:

There are numerous other websites however either designed or programmed by myself as part of a team. If you would like some professional work done! Please feel free to contact me on my e-mail:

  • voidet // at \ nightgen.com

Thank you!