Posts in January 2011

Sign Me Up A CakePHP User...

Sign Me Up A CakePHP User Registration Plugin

Finding myself generating registration forms now and then for various sites, I found the whole process of replicating the same functionality over to different projects. It didn’t take long for me to realise that a plugin was the best answer to ease of replication and... [+]

How to Install an iPhone or iPod in an Audi TT MKI

MKI Audi TT’s unfortunately do not come stock standard with any sort of iPod connectivity. Unfortunately you’re stuck with burning cd’s, or if you’re lucky, burning 6 cds to use in the 6 cd changer located in the back left side of the car. After... [+]

Using an Aeropress for Steeping Tea

I’ve recently gotten my hands on the awesome coffee contraption Aeropress. But recently we went out shopping and picked up some tea leaves. I enjoy a cup of green tea now and then so after trying my hand out of all the many different ways... [+]