Posts in April 2010

jQuery – Clear Default Input Values Once

I like to have default values in my text input fields. However it is an annoying user experience to have to manually clear the value out and then enter in the value. Instead I thought I would write a simple script that would work site... [+]

CakePHP Rainbow Table Protection Behaviour

So after looking over some security techniques and discovering the quite interestingly named Rainbow table password cracking mechanism I decided to look into a way around this table password cracker. The default way that CakePHP hashes its passwords into the database is via hashing from... [+]

Accelerated Learning through Pressure

So my co-worker left 2 weeks ago to have a 3 month journey across Australia. This means that I am now in charge of all the web development/projects for our business. For one developer, the amount of “active” (bugs/todos) projects we have open for one... [+]