iOS: Displaying Nested Hierarchical Data with Swift

One of the limitations, or struggles, of iOS development is that we can’t move at the same pace as web releases. If you have some content you want added you either have to push out a new update, or, like I’ll show here shortly, find... [+]

Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm in Swift

If you read my previous post you may of read that I am doing a fair amount of skilling up in the algorithm department. I thought I would never to go back to the books but after doing so it’s opened my mind up to... [+]

Tries with Swift

Tries with Swift

I’ve been spending quite some time the past weeks studying up on data structures and algorithms. I came across very interesting data structure that I had not encountered up until this time, I’m sure it would of been handy many a time ago, called “Tries”.... [+]

In App Purchases for iOS & PHP

In App Purchases are super fun to work with. Fun in the sense that you like watching your hair fall out after each StackOverflow post you try to digest. You’ll find CargoBay, RMStore, openssl libraries and things that make you go why am I decoding... [+]

AppStore: Timing Your iOS App Updates

There has been some preconceived notion that timing updates on a regular frequency boosts your rank in the Apple iOS AppStore, it doesn’t. In fact stale apps far out rank apps that have regular app updates, and of course the flip side to that statement... [+]

JTToggleView: An iOS Toggle/Checkbox View

I wanted to create a toggle for an app, something simple, with animations and easy to configure across my app. So I came up with JTToggleView! Check it out at Github:



There has been a need in one of my projects to show a list of users by their avatars. Determining who that user is was the challenge, in that how to show their name? So I wanted to make an easy way project wide that... [+]

AFNetworking2: Cancel Requests With Path

I ran into a pretty stupid gotcha tonight. I have to admit I blamed AFNetworking straight away. I saw that AFHttpRequestOperationManager wasn’t a singleton, and fair enough, that’s up to you to decide how many managers you want. So here’s how I got to cancelling... [+]

JTTimeView: An iOS Time Picker

JTTimeView: An iOS Time Picker

Firstly I have no idea where my name space came from, JT. It was mean’t to be Jotlab, but it somehow doesn’t fit. I don’t know. If it were after myself, it would be RS, or VT. Hmm. Anyhow. JTTimeView, the Time Picker for iOS... [+]

Parts: iOS Bike Maintenance via Strava

My bike parts are falling to pieces. I’m unexpectedly splashing cash into my commuter. To be honest I’m not sure how many k’s I’ve done on my rear cassette, nor am I too sure about how many k’s my chain has been punished through. So... [+]